The Best Ways to Dispose a Garden Tractors

There are lots of methods to remove an old garden tractor. No matter what you do, make an effort to believe green. Consistently dispose of oil and fuel correctly before recycling.

garden tractor


  1. Possess the city pick it up and come. Big waste is simply picked up four times annually or so by most municipal waste sections. Phone your local waste section to inquire what the following pick up date.
  2. Haul it to your own local scrap merchant. This really is among the few areas where you’re likely to pick up several additional dollars for your old garden tractor.
  3. Contemplate recycling your old garden tractor rather than junking it. Call approximately to several areas, and you might locate one which offers pick-up for a fee.
  4. Post an ad on an online classified website like You’d be amazed by the amount of individuals who are searching for old and non-working garden tractors for spare parts. Be sure to include just what’s wrong with the garden tractor and the make and version of it. You almost certainly will not make any cash, but you can request that buyers that are curious come haul it away.